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Review: When it will Rayne, it will Pour by S.C. McCormack


Our Review for When it will Rayne, it will Pour by S.C. McCormack

I went into this not really having a fair liking to paranormal stories- let me just say “When It Will Rayne, It Will Pour” changed that completely for me- it was so unlike any other paranormals I have read- absolutely love the characters- Rayne is bad ass and I adored her! Reese is the alpha hottie that I just wanted to jump into the pages for lol- An intense storyline Filled with action, secrets, betrayal, sarcastic witty humor and romance- A definite must read! Can’t wait for more from S.C. McCormack.

*Review by Tricia**

When It Will Rayne, It Will PourBlurb for When it will Rayne, it will Pour by S.C. McCormack

Rayne Slater, bounty hunter/private investigator for hire has had her fair share of trouble, but when three Shifters barge into her office after hours demanding her cooperation on retrieving a Lion-Shifter by the name of Reese Donovan, she is thrown back into a world she had vowed to never return to. Immediately, past ghosts awaken to plague her dreams, while a secret about herself, is in peril of being revealed. From there one event after another leaves her life spiraling out of control. With everything on the line, she knows she might not make it out alive, but she isn’t going to go down without a fight.

Caution, this book is full of humor, witty comments, action, heart-wrenching moments, romance, and a strong-willed heroine.


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