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Review: Watch Me Follow by Harloe Rae


Our Review for Watch Me Follow by Harloe Rae

Watch Me Follow by Harloe Rae is a breath of fresh air. This story is a twist between a stalker romance and a secret admirer romance; probably leaning toward the sweeter side. Nonetheless, I could not stop reading. Harloe’s writing had me hooked from the very first chapter and read this book in one day.

The story follows Ryker and Lennon, two souls destined to be together. They first meet in high school and their spark surprises them both. A couple unfortunate events happen and they lose touch after high school.

But little does Lennon know that she has a watcher in the midst. This is a wonderful story full of hope, love, and compassion. There are some sexy sweet scenes as the two grow closer and closer.

Overall, I was very satisfied with this one and will definitely continue reading more of Harloe’s novels. Give this one a GO!

Blurb for Watch Me Follow by Harloe Rae

Creep. Freak. Crazy Eyes.
I’ve heard it all.
Over the years, they’ve slammed me with every demeaning name in the book.
Their taunts warped me like a steady stream of poison.
Anger replaced anxiety as I started believing the cruelty spat my way.
Until she showed up and changed everything.
Lennon Bennett is pure innocence—warm sunshine breaking apart my stormy existence.
She’s everything good and maybe I can be too.
For her. With her. Because of her.
Lennon doesn’t know I’m beckoned closer with each breath.
She isn’t aware that I’m completely consumed with her.
It’s become my sole purpose to protect her, by any means necessary.
But if she discovers the depth of my obsession, it will be the end of me.
So, I remain in the shadows.
Waiting. Watching. Wanting.
She’ll be my first. My last. My only.



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