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Review: Untainted by Sarah Robinson


My Review for Untainted by Sarah Robinson

This was truly an unexpected love for me. I didn’t expect this final book in the trilogy to suck me in this much.

We have followed Derrick and Kate through two books and this is the final, with the exception of an epilogue that I am dying to read. The books have always had a criminal and psychological thriller background with a a hint of romance from our main characters, but this book is sure to trump them all. I was a bit surprised when I started this one, I was expecting some of the same but it was so far from it. I was on edge, I was preparing myself to have nightmares from what I was reading. I have said it before and as cliche as it may sound I will say it again, any author that can stir deep emotion is talented.

When the book starts we are left to deal with an enormous cliffhanger from the previous book, one that will literally leave you with chills, and then the aftermath, to follow out all the clues and the story. To have you hoping that characters won’t follow through with their instincts, but they will and thank goodness because this book will keep you up late at night reading to find out where the author is taking you.

I have to say that this is the best work that I have read of Sarah Robinson’s, her genre is truly a sexy thriller. Her talent comes in the form of a mystery, as twisted as it may be, this book was real, and full of emotions, and drama. I can’t wait to see what else could come from this author.

I would like to thank Sarah for the opportunity to read and review not only this book, but this entire series. If you enjoyed the other two books in this series then I urge you to one click this new book, and then please write a review, or write to Sarah and tell her what your thoughts are. It’s one thing to write a story, it’s another to write something that is heartfelt, it takes true courage to write about something that you lived through.

*This book is intended for anyone over 18 due to violence and sexual content.

Genre: Adult Romance Suspense

Synopsis for Untainted by Sarah Robinson

The infamous serial killer, known as the Photographer, is gone, but this time he has taken someone with him. Even though everyone finally knows his identity, he is still two steps ahead of them.
Someone is dead. Someone is missing. Kate Jackson is one of those two.
Derrick Kane finds himself teaming up with Annie, Kate’s younger sister, in a desperate search for any clues that could lead them to the answers they need. Little did they realize that they would find a lot more than they had bargained for.
Every dirty secret from the past comes to light, and they are faced with the ultimate test of true love, and true heartbreak. When an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be more than love can afford.
Not everyone makes it to the end of their love story.
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  • Print Length: 281 pages
  • Publication Date: November 10, 2014
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

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