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Review: To Love a Prince by Nana Malone


To Love a Prince (The Prince Duet #2)Our Review for To Love a Prince by Nana Malone

Five Stars!

What an amazing conclusion to Prince Tristan and Lady Ariel’s story. Nana Malone gave us a everything we love in a romance. We got suspense, mystery, emotions, laughter and the best of all we got a happily ever get after.

This book is the second in this duet and you will need to read Return of thee Prince first.

There is still a threat to the Prince and Ariel and the gang work together to find out who is behind it. Prince Tristan finally tells them about his brother and things start to fall in place. Though there is so many twists and turns in this book that you will be shocked when you start piecing things together.

Team Winston Isles is back and stronger than ever. I love this group of characters and can’t wait for more.

Highly recommended.

~Review by Andrea B 

*I was given an advanced copy of this book by the author/publisher in exchange for my honest and voluntary review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Blurb for To Love a Prince

The good news is, I’m out of exile and I have the woman I love by my side. And I still have my crown, tarnished though it may be.

The bad news is…all of that is temporary.

There are those that want me as far away from the crown as possible. I still have a killer on my tail who has a more permanent solution in mind. Oh and there’s the small matter of all the secrets I’m keeping from Ariel.

For her I risked it all, but will she wind up paying the price?

Once she knows my secrets. What will she do to protect me and the crown?

What will I be willing to do to protect her?

The answer is: everything.

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