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Review: The Good Mistake by Haleigh Lovell


The Good Mistake (Hemsworth Brothers, #3)Our Review for The Good Mistake by Haleigh Lovell

Five Funny Stars!

This was my first book by Haleigh Lovell and it definitely will not be my last one. I enjoyed this book so much. This book was every single thing I love about romance. Great story line. Funny banter between the hero and heroine. Lots of emotions. And a happily ever after that will make you smile.

This starts out as a fake romance but it grows into something so much more. These two fit each other, they are actually perfect for each other even though they are complete opposites. And we follow as these two pretend to be together and we watch as they grow into their relationship. You’ll laugh out loud, you’ll swoon and you will fall in love with Lucy and Edric. They support each other and are there for each other when the time comes.

I would highly recommend this book!

~Review by Andrea~



Blurb for The Good Mistake by Haleigh Lovell

She is a good time—trouble, but fun. And I’m here for a good time, not a long time.
So let the good times roll.

“You’re a bad idea.”
“But…” she ventured.
“But I like bad ideas.”

We don’t make mistakes, right? Just happy little accidents. At least that’s what Bob Ross said. And my dad. Yep, he says that, too. Every year, on my birthday, he reminds me I’m a ‘happy little accident’ because the condom broke.

But, hey! Wasn’t the creation of penicillin a happy accident that resulted from the discovery of mold growing in an agar dish?
And while that accidental discovery changed the course of medicine, Lucy changed the course of my life. Like a staph infection that somehow turns into an abscess that takes over your limbs, Lucy took over my heart—quickly, painfully, unexpectedly, but treatable with antibiotics.

Bold and brash and unapologetically herself, Lucy represents anarchy from women I typically dated.
She is my ‘Beautiful Oops.’
Lucy Lawless is my good mistake.

Note: THE GOOD MISTAKE is a full-length novel packed with humor and heart. It’s Book 3 in the Hemsworth Brothers series but it can also be read as a standalone.

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