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Review: Tears of Ink by Anna Bloom


Our Review for Tears of Ink by Anna Bloom

Tears of InkSo I’m totally that person that judges a book by its cover. Most of the time if it catches my eye I’ll read the synopsis and see if it really does interest me. This cover TOTALLY caught my eye. And then the synopsis DEFINITELY sounded like my kind of book…a badass girl all tatted up, it’s like she’s my soul sister! So I volunteered to read this for a review. Not gonna lie it totally took me a couple days to get into it, but once I did woo-wee I devoured this thing like it was salted caramel chocolate. It’s so good. And it’ll take you for SUCH a rollercoaster.

I felt all the feels. Sadness at how the heroine treats herself, among other things. Disappointment at how people treated both the H and h, both male and female’s around them. Happiness at the apparent happy ever after that the main characters are going to get. But then I felt rage. Rage I was NOT expecting at the end. Silly me for forgetting that this book was part of a trilogy and therefore contains a cliffhanger. But it’s a cliffhanger I was so happy I got to read.

Because now I’m off to read part two, and experience the rollercoaster of emotions yet again. But let’s be honest though, we all enjoy riding that rollercoaster over and over and over again, don’t we? We’re willing to wait hours in line to experience that thrill no matter how long the wait.

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Blurb for Tears of Ink by Anna Bloom

She has one rule: Never sleep with someone twice.

Faith Hitchin wears the shadows of the past on her skin for all to see. To a stranger’s eye she is a girl with sass and tattoos, a lover of art. But beneath the mystery of swirls and ink she is a woman alone and in pain.

When opportunity knocks in the form of an invitation to an art project that could change the direction of her life, she’s afraid to move forward. But, like her namesake, she pushes past all inhibitions and takes a leap of Faith. The last thing she imagines is a summer of self-discovery at the hands of a sexy Baroness’ son.

Elijah Fairclough is arrogant yet charming, complicated but forthcoming. With his blue eyes, expensive suits and evasive attitude, it seems he’s used to getting what he wants, and he wants nothing more than to discover the woman beneath the tattoos in every way possible. Will Elijah’s persistence make her break her only rule, or will there be tears of ink?

Book one in the enthralling Tears Of… Series.
*Tears of Ink is the first part in a series and is not a standalone read. Book Two TEARS OF GLASS is coming 4th December 2018

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