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Review: Tears of Gold by Anna Bloom


Tears of Gold (Tears of...)Our Review for Tears of Gold by Anna Bloom

This series has been so enjoyable to read and review. You start off with Tears of Ink and you go through a roller coaster of emotions. You get to experience everything from joy to rage, so basically all the colors of the rainbow. Then you move onto Tears of Glass and you get to experience confusion. The second one is just all over the place due to Faith’s wishy washy behavior and personality quirks. But now that we move onto the third and final book for Faith and Eli and it’s just…..beautiful.

The third book takes a typical turn of events for a couple in a romance novel. I saw this particular turn of events from a mile away. And while this point is an obscure one, if you look at the big picture, it’s an important part none the less. SPOILER ALERT: Grab a box of tissues and keep them close. They’re going to be needed for this one. Faith and Eli just grow in this final book. Faith stops to confront her internal and external demons and she’s a warrior for it. Eli seems like the bad guy in particular sections; but again if you stop and look at the big picture, he’s actually trying to help Faith in his own way.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to dick punch him with I reached a particular point. I felt like Anger from Inside Out when he’s reached his limit and literally blows fire out the top of his head. So basically, I felt like an erupting volcano. But after a few deep breaths, away from my IPad, I returned to try and understand Eli and his behavior. And it’s at this point that you’ll need your tissues. It’s about 75% in that I started bawling my eyes out and this continues until about the 90% mark. Serious tears, a few sobs, and a lotta deep breaths. There’s nothing worse than trying to read through blurry eyes because you just can’t stop crying. You go back to re-read section’s because you can’t read properly, which just brings on more tears. It’s an ugly cry moment folks, so brace yourselves for it. I’ve enjoyed this series now that I’ve finished it.

I’d most definitely go back and re-read if I were to be in a slump and stumbled back across it. There are times that I just wanted to walk away from the characters, because they were just trying my patience. But I’m telling you, if you just stick it out with Faith and Eli you won’t regret it. Going through the emotions with these two is a very beautiful experience. You get to watch them grow from two separate individual’s that are just going through the motions of what is expected of them, or what they think is expected of them.

They’re just present in the world, now really making a difference. But by the end of the series you’ve watched them grow into who they are meant to be. You get to watch them prepare to make a real difference in the world. These two are seriously going to change many lives. And I feel so blessed to have been able to read and watch these individual’s grow. It’s been like watching a Rainbow Butterfly push out of its own little chrysalis. I’m now excited for the next one, Scars of Silk.

Dan’s story is going to be a good one….I just know it.

~Review by Brittany

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