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Review: Tears of Glass by Anna Bloom


Our Review for Tears of Glass by Anna Bloom

Tears of GlassHave you ever seen the Illumination film Despicable Me with those cute little minions? Well I have, like a million times, because they’re just adorable. One of their famous quotes is the simple word WHAAAT. This word must be said with your mouth hanging open with a complete and utter look of confusion on your face. A look of disbelief because the brain just does not compute what you’ve heard/read/seen. Got it in your mind? Good. That will be your face for pretty much the entirety of this book. This girl…I just…smh. I love Faith to pieces. I feel like she’s my sister from another mister.

I feel like I could be Abi, her bestie that’s been there for her through everything from a young age. Because if I’m being honest, I totally volunteer as tribute for that role. She’s just had the hardest life. Some of it wasn’t her fault, AT ALL, and some of it is self inflicted pain. Because she likes control. And I can personally relate to that type of self harm and her history. But I just couldn’t help but shake my head at her throughout a lot of this book. I feel that this book is a make it or break it moment for those reading this series. Some people may be repelled by her wishy-washy behavior. Of course a reader wants to see a happy ever after ending for this couple, because Eli and Faith are just meant for each other. There’s just no other ending that is acceptable! They both just bring out the best out of each other. But not everyone will be able to see past her behavior and continue on their journey. She’s been hurt and when she feels that internal fight or flight instinct, she’ll run. Every. Single. Time. But I’m trying to se past all those behavior issues. Because I want to see that happy ever after I know they’re gonna get. Because like I said, no other resolution will be acceptable by this reader!

I personally think she punishes Eli without seeing the big picture. And thank the writing gods you get a resolution for that fiasco in this book! And thank goodness Eli is man enough to put up with all her internal issues. That man deserves a medal of epic proportions for what he puts up with. He’s just dreamy, and I was so happy that you get to see more into his world. Away from all the royalty aspects he truly morphs into a more lovable man, and I’ve got my fingers crossed he keeps all those tributes as we go into the next book. Now back to the reading cave I go! Enjoy this one folks and remember all characters have their quirks. Just bear with them, they won’t let you down. Hopefully.

~Reviewed by Brittany~

Blurb for Tears of Glass by Anna Bloom

She had one rule: never sleep with someone twice.
Then Faith Hitchin met Elijah Fairclough and the Baroness’ son with the heart of an artist scorched her rule out of existence.

Until he shattered her heart.

Burned and hurting Faith battles to regain control of the protective barriers she keeps around her heart. But when two souls meet with the passion and Fire of artist and muse, walking away may not be an option.

When Faith’s last rule smashes and takes them both down with it, there may be tears of glass neither of them can survive.

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