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Review: That Summer by H.M. Shander


My Review for That Summer by H.M. Shander

Wowww! Absolutely adored “That Summer”. Unfortunately I did not read book one (Duly Noted) as I was unaware this was the second book- when I finished reading I immediately scrambled to the authors good reads to see about the continuation of this one LOL- I devoured this book- I absolutely love love love Lucas- and am team Lucas all the way.

This is my first read from this author and it will not be my last- this was an amazing story about strength, friendship and love- Aurora suffers addiction and PTSD and lost the love of her life Nate to it- his brother Lucas secretly tries to help Aurora spending every waking moment with her to through her battles so she can try and win her way back to Nate- I can’t help my heartbreak for Lucas as when Nate and Aurora finally get to that place- will it be a forever lasting love? What happens to Lucas and Aurora’s friendship?

My heart breaks for Lucas as deep down I know he has stronger feelings than friendship for her- That ending tho!!!….LOL left me dying for more!

Definite must read! Highly anticipating book 3 to come! (In the meantime I’ll go catch up on book 1 ❤️)

*Review by Tricia*

Synopsis for That Summer by H.M. Shander

Aurora may be named after a fairy tale princess, but she has never believed in happily ever afters—especially since her PTSD won’t let go, and her addiction to prescription pills still taunts her.

Now with only nine weeks to get her shit together and prove herself to Nate, Aurora must find the will to believe in herself so she can stop her true love from making a career ending decision. In order to defeat her darkest fears, she needs help from the only person she trusts with her life—Nate’s younger brother, Lucas.

Through therapy and relapses, Aurora and Lucas become best friends. However, deep and dark emotions bubble to the surface threatening both the friendship and everything she’s worked hard to overcome.

When darkness descends, threatening to take you away forever, do you succumb or fight back with all you’ve got?

That Summer is the expanded portion of Duly Noted readers craved. A story of love and courage. A story of a beautiful friendship between two lost souls. It is a standalone, but having read Duly Noted will give the readers more insight into the characters.

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  • Print Length: 150 pages
  • Publication Date: February 28, 2017
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01MT73EJ4


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