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Review: Steele by Erin Bevan


STEELE_EBOOK_LOW_RESOur Review for Steele by Erin Bevan

Sometimes in life you never feel you can be a hero even though everyone you are surrounded by says you are. Blake Steele is a firefighter and a protector for The Blue Guardians. Last summer he had helped a mother and son get away from an abusive husband/father. It just happens that those two are now his new neighbors. And his whole world changes.

Mary Franks is trying to start over after having had a chance to break free from her abusive husband. Trying to protect Nathaniel aka Bear, she doesn’t want to depend on anyone but it’s hard when a handsome neighbor wants nothing more than to help protect them.

We follow these two as they maneuver life and everything that comes with it. We follow as Blake starts caring more and more for Mary and Bear. We watch as secrets are exposed and a life they both want is in touching distance.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. And even as you don’t think you can be happy, happiness comes in the most unlikely way.

This is a great book and well developed characters. Enjoyable for any romance reader.

~Review by Andrea~

Blurb for Steele by Erin Bevan

Hometown firefighter, Blake Steele is living day by day, desperately trying to ease his guilt about his haunted past. When the beautiful Mary Franks moves in next-door, the conflict between what he knows in his head and what he feels in his heart suddenly becomes his most important struggle.

For Mary, living next door to a firefighter should be comforting, except her new neighbor continues to make a nuisance of himself by insisting on helping her—with everything. Despite her efforts, she can’t help but fall for him the more he hangs around. But love isn’t something Mary has time for. She has two goals: raising her son and hiding her illegal activities to keep her son safe.

When Mary’s ex is granted parole and fights to get his son back, she relies on Blake for support. But, as Blake uncovers the lies she’s kept, he is forced to face his own past to protect their futures before both of their lives go up in flames. Literally.

About the Author

Award winning author, Erin Bevan writes small town Americana romances straight from the heart. Born and raised in rural South Arkansas, she uses her past experiences to enrich her stories while infusing the right amount of heartache and humor to see her readers through until the end. With the perfect blend of sweet to steamy, Erin Bevan has something for every romance reader.

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