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Review: Save the Date by Monica Murphy


Save The Date (Dating, #1)Our Review for Save the Date by Monica Murphy

Save the Date by Monica Murphy is a fun romance read. It’s a second chance of sorts as the characters are each other’s first kiss.

Caroline is killing it at her job, she works at Noteworthy and helps brides and bridezillas choose their save the date cards, invitations and thank you cards. Most days it’s a fulfilling job but other days are tougher.

A chance meeting at a coffee shop brings in a whole new problem for Caroline. Meeting a handsome man, then finding out he’s engaged to one of her clients. Doesn’t sound good does it?

Ohhhhh but it gets good. Once lies are unfolded, Caroline gets to know the older version of her brothers best friend Alex Wilder.

Alex the workaholic, Alex the one with his phone always in hand, Alex with the hot body! Alex who Caroline doesn’t think she’s good enough for.

We watch as these two get to know each, we watch as these two fake a relationship and we watch as these two fight for their romance.

I love enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down.

Highly recommended.

~Review by Andrea~

Blurb for Save the Date by Monica Murphy

Caroline Abbott knows her way around bridezillas.

Working at a stationery store means helping engaged couples pick out the perfect save-the-date
cards and invitations for their dream weddings—a dream job.

Until the bridezilla of the day belongs to her first kiss, Alexander Wilder. He’s all grown up now, running his family’s luxury hotel chain, and even hotter than she remembers from that scorcher of a smooch.

So when Caroline catches his fiancée half-naked with another man, she has to tell him. And Alex has to break it off. And of course, the ex-bridezilla goes completely bonkers.

Good thing Caroline has plenty of experience—and friends to help save her.

She also has the sudden interest of Alex, who has a proposal of his own for her. Is it just a rebound for him, or does he also feel the same spark that drew them together all those years ago?

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