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Review: Reaching Rachel by L.L. Collins


My Review for Reaching Rachel by L.L. Collins

Wow!! What a great follow up to Living Again!! L.L. Collins hit the mark again!! From the very beginning, I was sucked in and could not put it down! Heck, I even remember staying up until 3am just to finish reading and I had to go to work the next day! But, it was worth it.

The story begins with Rachel who is living life “under the radar”. She is a runaway living with a deep secret and a hidden past. She doesn’t open up to any of her friends and has a string of meaningless relationships with men to avoid attachment and emotions. Her heart is forever locked away because she can only love one man; Devin. But Devin is gone; nowhere near her. She hasn’t seen or heard from him in 5 years. Her life is sad, lonely, full of heartbreak and regret. But on that day, that Devin finally returns, can Rachel let go of the past and overcome her fears of heartbreak? Can Devin reach Rachel and show her how to live again?

Let me just say that Rachel goes through a lot of traumatic and heart-wrenching experiences in this book and I absolutely love her strength. No matter what happened, she never gave up and always fought back. She didn’t try to hide herself from others. She is independent, sexy, smart, funny as hell, and empowering. Her character developed so much in this story and you can really tell that L.L. Collins put a lot of heart and soul into this story. The plot was great, the writing was superb, and the dialogue between the characters was on point. There is also some suspenseful scenes and I was on the edge of my seat. Devin is amazing! He is such a good compliment to Rachel. He is her protector and I loved it! He is also smokin hot and very “commanding” in the bedroom! HELLO!!!

I also loved the fact that we got to see some of the previous characters from Living Again. Umm..Ben aka Dr. Yummy! Yes, I will never forget him! LOL. Overall, this was a great story and I loved it! What a great way to start 2014! I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Synopsis for Reaching Rachel by L.L. Collins

Rachel has always been seen as a wild child, never committing or settling down. She wants it that way, so that no one ever finds out the truth. Deep down, she is crushed over something that happened years ago that resulted in losing the only man she ever loved. Then she meets someone who tries to convince her that she’s ready to commit again. But some things are not what they seem. Realizing too late that she’s in over her head, and with her life on the line, she comes face to face with her past in a way she never thought possible.

Devin was in love once, and it destroyed him, making him swear off love forever. After a promotion and subsequent move unexpectedly brings him into the middle of her dangerous situation, he must come face to face with his past and to the woman who broke him into pieces. But she needs help. Desperately. And maybe, just maybe, he didn’t know the real truth of their past. Can he help her survive the terrible ordeal she’s been through, and during it all, can he safeguard his heart from her? Or will the truth of the pain that has kept them apart show him that he can’t live without her after all?

  • File Size: 1275 KB
  • Print Length: 321 pages
  • Publisher: L.L. Collins (January 18, 2014)
  • Publication Date: January 18, 2014
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

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