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Review: Professor With Benefits by Hazel Kelly


Professor with Benefits (Beta Brothers #3)Our Review for Professor With Benefits by Hazel Kelly

I was hooked from the beginning till the end I couldn’t wait to read Sadie’s story. She had that mysterious side of her. You could feel the pain that Sadie was in. But during her darkest days Kellan was able to set her free. We watched Kellan and Sadie grow as individuals and as a couple. Professor with Benefits won’t be easy on the heart so have some tissues nearby.

~Review by Crystal~

Blurb for Professor with Benefits by Hazel Kelly

Sadie’s no princess, and she doesn’t appreciate being treated like one. As far as she’s concerned, women who don’t wear ridiculous shoes don’t need to be swept off their feet, and the last thing the world needs right now is one more hopeless romantic maiming one more unsuspecting daisy.

But when a handsome, young professor takes an unprofessional interest in her mossy green eyes and muddy attitude, she can’t help but enjoy the sparkly feeling his attention stirs in her. And the more he lays on the charm, the more she fears she’s not as attached to her loneliness as she once thought.

Too bad he’s off limits. Then again, limits have never really interested Sadie.

But dreamy professors with penetrating blue eyes and sinfully sexy stubble? That’s a subject that’s about to make her senior year very interesting indeed…

*This standalone romance is full of sass and steam. Perfect for readers who like spirited characters willing to risk everything for love.*


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