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Review: New Year, New You by Tarrah Anders


Our Review for New Year, New You by Tarrah Anders

What a heartwarming story! Two people both with tragedy striking in their lives find their way to each other’s hearts. Gabriel and Vanessa are a total match all around! I love their chemistry….. giving total adoration and love. But sometimes that is not enough to hide your gut deep feelings. Vanessa battles guilt at Gabriel choosing to settle on a job near her when he had so many other choices. Gabe tries to convince her that his choice was the best one….. but she can’t shake her demon feelings until Gabe convinced her to see his therapist! It’s amazing to watch a transformation of realization within someone whom battle tragedy and bottled up emotions and hid their own reality from themselves. Loved the story of Gabe and Vanessa and absolutely adored the Epilogue. Definite must read…..

*Review by Tricia*

New Year, New You is such a heartfelt, heartwarming, swoon worthy story to read. This is the first book I have read by Tarrah and I enjoyed reading this book. You will take a meaning/something from this book and it will stay with you or you or someone you know could relate to certain events/parts of this book.
Loved the characters and the story line. Can two broken people come back from their tragedy’s to move forward in their lives? I am looking forward to reading more of Tarrah’s books.

*Review by Crystal*


Synopsis for New Year, New You by Tarrah Anders

Tragedy strikes in Vanessa’s life and she has to move back to her childhood home to deal with her family’s estate where she befriends the neighbors and begins to consider them as family.
When her neighbor’s brother comes to stay with them while he too deals with his own hard times, Vanessa and Gabe spark a friendship which quickly blossoms into a fast paced relationship.

Unknowingly they piece each other back together. As things get steamy, Gabe is faced with several job opportunities that could force him to relocate.
But when Gabe chooses a job that keeps him close to Vanessa, she fears she is holding him back. Her guilt sends her down a spiral of indecisive feelings until Gabe and his sister talk her into seeing someone to deal with her past and present.

Does their sudden love last?

Or does her guilt pull them apart and break them back into the pieces they both were in when they met?

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