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Review: Jude’s Sweet Fire by Jessica McBrayer


Jude's Sweet Fire: Savannah Heat Book 1 (Savannah Heat Series)Our Review of Jude’s Sweet Fire by Jessica McBrayer

This book caught my eye by the simplistic cover, and then I read the synopsis and thought why the heck not. It’s been a while since I read a sports romance, and had been craving a good one so this fit the bill perfectly. This book was good, but oh so bad at the same time. Granted I feel that I got a rough draft, for review, so I struggled to look past this fact while I was reading. There were a lot of grammatical errors, words missing, and words that you could tell were meant to be different words altogether. But other than these things I liked it. I’d give it 3 stars because it’s got A LOT OF potential for me to love it, after it’s seen an editor. Megan runs her own vet clinic and Jude brings her a kitten that he saved from being mauled by a dog. Jude decides that he’s going to keep this little feline since it’s a fighter. It’s adorable. This dude is not only a hot hockey player, but he’s got an accent AND loves animals!

Move over Megan, I’m moving in! But seriously, this guy is so sweet and observant with Megan. He picks up on all of the issues that she’s having with her ex. Little cues of distress that she’s emitting and doesn’t even realize, he swoops in and tries to make it all better. He’s pushy when he needs to be and malleable when she needs to be strong for herself. What can I say, I liked it. He’s a sweetheart. Now Megan is a character anybody could love. She takes in the cases that others just want to walk away from. For example she took in a one-legged duck and a rabbit that it’s owner abandoned. And now she’s got Gordie! A kitten with a face only a mother could love. And love him she does. Megan has an issue with an abusive stalker boyfriend. Now that she’s thinking about a relationship with Jude, her stalker is escalating at a rapid pace.

Without giving away the whole book and all its high points, she has several cases where she needs a strong man to help protect her. A man that isn’t her Daddy James. And Jude steps up for that role, while also not pushing Megan too far. He wants her to feel comfortable in their relationship and that Jude respects what she needs at any given moment. They’re the perfect southern couple that I wouldn’t mind reading more about. So here’s fingers crossed they’re included in the other books of this series!

~Review by Brittany~

Blurb for Jude’s Sweet Fire by Jessica McBrayer

“Elskede, I just wanted to let you know how much I missed you today. I can’t wait to see you in my jersey sitting in the stands. So sexy. More than that, I can’t wait to see you wearing nothing but my jersey ;)”

What starts as a routine run becomes anything but ordinary for sexy NHL player, Jude Christensen, when he stops to rescue a yowling kitten in distress. He rushes the mauled kitten to Dr. Megan James, the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen. Even though she seems reluctant to respond to their instant chemistry, Jude is used to working for what he wants.

A new town, a new beginning, and a new life put Megan at a safe distance from the man that nearly killed her. But when her past returns to threaten her once again, the Savannah Heat captain walks a fine line; Megan is suspicious. She is hyper-alert to the dangerous difference between a man’s natural desire to protect his loved ones, and the need to own and dominate. Once fooled is more than enough for Megan. Will Jude be able to make her safe without interfering with Megan’s need to fight her own battles?

Jude’s Sweet Fire is the first book in the Savannah Heat series. Boasting a real hero, a spunky heroine, fun and sassy friends, Southern charm and danger. The passion in this suspenseful romance will leave you breathless with satisfaction.

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