Review: Dear Diamond by Stephie Walls


Our Review for Dear Diamond by Stephie Walls

Dear Diamond was a fantastic read! Storyline was awesome and the characters were came alive in my head! Ryker ….. oye…. the tattooed hottie….. best friends with Chase whom is part of Union 21. Ryker paid some heavy prices for that friendship until one day he had to call in his favor.
Nikki- all too young caught up in trying to fix her mother’s mess…… only her mother will never change. Luckily for her she does not have to fight alone and her heroine calls in his favor which can risk a lot. I absolutely adore the way Ryker and Nikki’ story unfold! This edgy read was none like I have read before…… absolutely loved it!

*Review by Tricia*

Dear DiamondBlurb for Dear Diamond by Stephie Walls

One unfortunate decision had bought me a life sentence, serving time alongside the gang I’d worked years to avoid. My affiliation with Union 21 had wreaked havoc all around me.

Then came Diamond.

In a world filled with neon-pink lights, glitter, and rhinestones, she was a flawless gem. While she didn’t realize her worth, I recognized her value—priceless.

I’d stop at nothing to have her, even if that meant going against the most powerful drug lord around.

Friends come and go, but Diamond is forever.


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