Review: Dark McKenna by Shayne Ford


Our Review for Dark McKenna by Shayne Ford

Dark McKenna is my first read from Shayne Ford and certainly will not be my last! McKenna and Vivian are such strong forces and I felt them in my bones- both have pasts- one does not believe in love and the other in himself- with a chance of love-
Fate will have it that they met for a reason … and boy do we still have a story to unfold- pasts to unravel and hopefully a future to look forward to. Loved the storyline and the character and am down right needing #2- as good as this was I foresee it getting even more intense- dark, intense, hotttt….. boy do I feel it!!

Review by Tricia**

DARK MCKENNA, A Billionaire Dark Romance (SHADES OF LOVE #1)Blurb for Dark McKenna by Shayne Ford


She doesn’t believe in love. He doesn’t believe in second chances.

When Vivian Mason runs into a broody, handsome man one November night while she was fighting the rain and cold on the streets of Manhattan, she has no idea who he is. She feels fear and curiosity at first, and then an irresistible attraction, the mixed emotions leaving her baffled.

A man of a few words, a body made of steel and eyes brimming with fire, the mysterious stranger saves her life more than once. Soft and delicate and a moving target, it doesn’t take long before she falls for the broad-shouldered man who becomes her protector while remaining a mystery to her.

Fate takes him away from her, and then one beautiful morning she finds herself and her best friend in the boardroom of a multi-billion corporation waiting for the owner of the company to commence his speech when the door slides open, and a tall, dark-haired man clad in a high-end suit and a silk tie walks in. She stares at his back for a moment before he slowly turns, and then her heart stops.

What happens next is a story that will pull at your heartstrings and blow your mind.

NOTE: The enigmatic male lead makes an appearance in Golden Heir Series as a secondary cast member. Spoilers of Shade’s story (the lead man in Golden Heir) may be present later on in the Shades of Love Series.


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