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Review: Beneath Your Beautiful by Emery Rose


Our Review for Beneath Your Beautiful by Emery Rose

INCREDIBLE! Completely adored Beneath Your Beautiful! By far my no 1 of 2018!! I could not put it down!l Loved all the characters!

Heartbroken Eden flees her hometown to New York to start over and find herself.

Killian….. OMGGG sexy as sin Killian lives in Brooklyn working at a bar he owns- Eden and Killian cross paths when Eden is looking for a job and sparks fly but they both are not looking for a relationship between Edens heartbreak and Killians dark past can their hearts find their way to each other??????????

The story is insanely great and the feels are intense- Killian’s flaws and regrets intensify his alpha and omg do I want his kind of alpha lol- you get it all here, regret, dark past, heartbreak, drama, suspense, steamy sex, LOVE and so much more! I can not wait to read more to this series and from this Author!

Definite must read! I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t experience this one.

*Review by Tricia*

Beneath Your Beautiful (The Beautiful Series Book 1)Blurb for Beneath Your Beautiful by Emery Rose

All I wanted was a fresh start in a new city…and a bartending job. I never intended to fall for the sexy, tattooed bar owner.
Emotionally unavailable.
But Killian Vincent is a challenge I can’t seem to walk away from.
He’s afraid that if I dig too deep, I won’t like what I find. But he’s wrong, and I’m determined to prove it.

Love can destroy a man. Bring him to his knees. That’s why I never let anyone get too close.
Until Eden.
She’s on a mission to knock down my walls. Dig up truths better left buried.
I need to convince her that walking away is the right choice…before it destroys us both.

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