If you are interested in having your book reviewed by me, please fill out form below with the book’s description. Please provide as much detail as possible…Thank you!!

  • Genre: Contemporary, paranormal, other?
  • YA, NA, Adult, or Erotic?
  • Currently available? If not, what is the release date?
  • How long is the book? 
  • Is there a HEA? 
  • Standalone or part of a series?
  • If a series, are they interconnected standalones or one continuing story?
  • If a continuing story/series, do the books have cliffhangers?
  • If a continuing story/series, are the rest of the books already out? Already written? When are you planning on releasing them? And, will the story end happily?
  • F/M?   M/M?   Ménage? 

Please also include the following in the form:

  • Synopsis/blurb
  • Amazon and B&N links
  • Goodreads link

~ Everything Marie

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