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About Everything Marie

Growing up, I’d always loved to read. It was my escape and I often found myself wishing the stories were true. My passion for reading surged again after reading Twilight and it hasn’t stopped. I started this blog in June 2013 when my newly-found addiction to reading made me want to start writing down my thoughts about the books I was reading.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one with such an addiction and since then, I’ve had the privilege of “meeting” an incredible number of amazingly wonderful readers and incredibly talented authors with a shared love for reading through this blog. I’m a very passionate reader who gets deeply invested in the books I read if I love them. But I’m quite picky about the books I choose to read – I like a very specific kind and I try my best to ‘vet’ my books very very carefully before reading them.

I am very ‘anti-spoiler’ for all plot related details. I don’t like knowing the twists in advance of reading, I just like to get a general feeling for the story and then go from there. I love Alpha male heroes. I like ’em tall, hot, strong, possessive, protective, crazy about their girl, assertive, with a soft side and a big heart, and a bit of a tortured feel to them but definitely combined with a don’t-mess-with-me aura about them.

When I find books that make me passionate about them, I tend to get very giddy and desperately want to rave about them and share them with other readers so this site is my outlet for that. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing around and please do leave me comments – I love hearing what other readers have to say, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, and I’d also love to hear any recommendations you might have for me.

Happy reading!

Tiffany ❤ Marie


I rate all books out of 5 stars (with a few select ones that surpass even that)

  • 5 stars = LOVED the book with all my heart and would highly recommend it
  • 4 stars = LIKED the book a lot
  • 3 stars = I kinda liked it but made me feel a little ‘meh’ , neither here nor there
  • 2 stars = I didn’t hate it, but there were definitely things I didn’t like in it
  • 1 star = yuk ewwww so not my cup of tea


A few terms you might see around my blog are:

  • HEA = happily ever after (endings)
  • HFN = happy for now (endings)
  • TBR = to be read
  • PNR = paranormal romance books
  • YA = young adult (meaning no super graphic sex scenes, not in reference to the characters’ ages)
  • POV = point of view
  • DNF = did not finish