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Disillusion by Alice C. Hart


Abby is my obsession. The thing is, she doesn’t know it…yet. Now that getting her attention isn’t a problem, all that’s left for her to do is fall into line. Accept me, Brody Black, as the person in her life she has no choice but to accept. After Abby’s experienced me in unimaginable ways, ways she’ll never be able to forget…then she’ll understand that this has been the plan all along. Then she’ll truly know what it means to be mine.

What are the odds that you find someone as sick and twisted as you? I knew how he liked games… And God, what I’d do to be the one playing them with him. But the problem is… he’s in love with someone else. That makes this a tricky situation. I’m sure I can handle it though, as I said…I do love to play games. Maybe now it’s time I sharpen my skills. As delicately as possible, of course. Though, I’m not making any f*cking promises.

Genre: Dark Romance

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Obsession (Book #1)

The first time I saw Abby Osborne, I knew I had to have her.

I want to own her.

I want to breathe her.

I want to see her smile.

I want to see her cry.

But, more than anything, I want to watch as panic seizes her immobile. I need to see the look on her face when she realizes the man she couldn’t spare a second glance at, is the one who will love her so fiercely that she will never be the same.

Now, until the time comes for our happily ever after, I’ll be forced to endure the hell of witnessing her stumble through the life she doesn’t know she is about to lose.

She. Is. My. Obsession.

***This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This book contains adult situations, drug use, smoking, drinking and some hot sex. These characters are not perfect, nor do they try to be.***

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